What does ‘De Stichting’ stand for

We have five core values that we find of great importance. Passion, euphoria, happiness, unity and inclusivity.


De Stichting is an event where people with the same passion for music come together. De Stichting is not an individual but a collective of people with a passion for parties, music and positive energy. We feel that beauty is in variety: variety in people and variety in music. Everybody is different but beautiful in its own way. Every music genre is different but beautiful in its own way. We believe that inclusivity over exclusivity is of great importance. Therefore value that everyone feels welcome regardless of gender, race, sexuality, clothing style or prior affinity with raves.

Build into the night and make memories together.

We dislike the trend in the rave scene that super loud kicks and high bpm is becoming the standard. 

We think that this trend takes away the beautiful and music aspects. Thus we try to build into the night, which means that the night will start at a lower bpm and gradually progresses into higher bpm. We love the hard electronic music styles, but we also love a bit of euphoria and sophistication.

We do encourage expression of emotion in any form. There is no shame in letting your friends and surrounding know that you appreciate the moments, experience and time together.

Rules and behavior

Respect the rules and please show good behavior

For Terms & Conditions: click here


  • No entry under 18. Bring a valid ID.
  • Feel free to be who you are and let others be too
  • Everybody is equal and should be treated equally
  • Intimidation, harassment, racism or discrimination in any form will not be tolerated
  • Aggressive behavior or violence is strictly forbidden
  • If you feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable with anything happening to you or to others, please feel free to contact our crew
  • If you don’t respect the rules, our staff has the right to remove the respective person(s)


  • Making noise can be a form of expressing euphoria or happiness. Just remind yourself it is not needed to scream all the time, because it will interfere with the music.
  • Your face is too beautiful to be covered (it is not forbidden to cover your face, but believe us it is not needed)
  • No flash. Please respect that flash can be disturbing to others. 
  • It is allowed to use your camera, because we do understand that you want to capture moments and memories
  • However don’t record people against their will and respect their privacy
  • Be welcoming and educative to people who are new to the scene
  • There is never need for competition, stay safe and take care of each other